Evidence of Microsoft supporting Censorship

Date Type Site Title
06/04/2021 News reclaimthenet.org Microsoft’s Bing censors image results for “tank man” on anniversary of Tiananmen Square massacre View
05/13/2021 News reclaimthenet.org LinkedIn accused of censoring for Beijing View
07/26/2019 News forbes.com Censorship Comes For The Desktop: How Microsoft Has Infused 'Values' Into Windows And Office View
06/03/2019 News wired.com US Companies Help Censor the Internet in China, Too View
02/12/2019 News dailycaller.com DHILLON: Microsoft Wants To Pick The News You Read View
02/12/2014 News huffpost.com Microsoft Accused Of Censoring Search Results — In The U.S. View
01/12/2006 News softpedia.com Microsoft's Censorship of Free Speech View