Evidence of Google supporting Censorship

Date Type Site Title
06/03/2021 News reclaimthenet.org Christian host Eric Metaxas joins Rumble after YouTube censorship View
06/03/2021 News reclaimthenet.org YouTube censors Brett Weinstein ivermectin clip View
06/02/2021 News reclaimthenet.org Google bans Dr. Vladimir Zelenko from sharing Google Docs View
05/27/2021 News reclaimthenet.org YouTube censors President Bolsonaro and CNN Brazil over videos about hydroxychloroquine View
05/27/2021 News reclaimthenet.org YouTube deletes video of Georgia mom’s testimony against mask mandates for kids View
05/18/2021 News reclaimthenet.org YouTube deletes video of attack on Asian-American Uber driver View
05/11/2021 News reclaimthenet.org YouTube confirms collaboration with the EU on censorship View
04/17/2021 News breitbart.com Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Joins YouTube Alternative ‘Rumble’ Following Google Censorship View
03/04/2021 News thegatewaypundit.com YouTube Deletes All Copies of President Trump’s CPAC Speech, Suspends RSBN for Two Weeks View
01/09/2021 News yahoo.com Parler's CEO said Google's decision to ban the app was a 'horrible way to handle this.' AOC has urged Apple to take similar action View
01/08/2021 News thegatewaypundit.com BREAKING: Google Removes Parler From App Store Amid Reports That Trump is Joining the Platform View
01/08/2021 Website armstrongeconomics.com Censorship is Now the Norm – Free Speech is Officially Gone View
01/08/2021 News foxnews.com Google suspends Parler app from Play Store over failure to moderate egregious content View
01/06/2021 News marketwatch.com Facebook and Shopify boot Trump following Capitol siege View
12/09/2020 Video bitchute.com Youtube to Remove Videos Critical of Beijing Biden "Winning" Election (My Most Important Video Ever) View
12/26/2018 News breitbart.com Google’s Year of Leaks View